PST Password Recovery Tool - Recover Lost PST Password in Few Simple Steps!

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client which is used by users for Managing email accounts, journals, tasks, calender entries, contacts etc. Outlook make use of special file folder called PST or Personal Storage Table for storage of all informations. In order to protect files from unauthorized user access, there is a provision in Outlook which make it possible for user to apply password to pst file. Once the file get password protected, outsiders cannot access your saved informations without your permission. However problem arises when your forget password or it get lost. This is the situation where you will surely look for PST Password Recovery software so as to gain access over saved informations once again. 


Most of the user undergo such kind of situation. It happen either due to their own negligence or might be due to some other factor but the prime concern over here is how to restore back lost password? Well, keeping the problem in mind, Microsoft had provided an utility tool called pst19upg.exe. By using this tool you can easily upgrade old version of PST file to newer one and during this process, this tool easily strips off password from PST File. So this is one way through which you can remove password and gain access over inaccessible saved pst data.  No doubt this tool is useful but it has certain limitations like:

  1. It won't work if you are using either Outlook 2007 version or version 2003
  2. It is not completely safe and sometime fails while stripping data which finally results in loss of data

So these couple of demerits restricts its scope and makes it very risky tool if there are some important data saved in your PST file, so for the safe and sound Lost pst password recovery it is highly recommended to take help of third party pst password recovery tool.  The software comes with highly sophisticated  and advance programming technique which ensures quicker recovery of lost pst password. The tool will not only recover password but also helps to restore different mail objects like contacts, appointments, attachments, tasks, events, emails etc. It is highly efficient and well capable to recover password containing special characters. It can generate six password at a time.


With read only nature and use of nondestructive algorithm, this PST password Recovery software is completely safe and recover password without affecting the Integrity of file. With this application, Encrypted PST password recovery is too possible. It will generate series of six different password which can be easily copied to Wordpad, Notepad or any other text editor. With simple and intuitive user interface it is very easy to use and no additional technical skills are required for using it. Just follow few on screen instructions and leave the software to do rest of the job. If you are too facing trouble due to loss of password and wants to restore it then, you can easily rely on this PST Password Recovery Software. It is now too available in demo version.

User Guide of PST Password Recovery

Step 1: Select the Password Protected PST File.

Step 2: The Software Will Start Scanning the PST File.

Step 3: The PST Password Recovery Tool Will Then Generate a Series of Passwords.

Step 4: Quit Application and Using the Password Access Your PST File.


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